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Guangzhou Yahe Bio Tech Co.,Ltd

16 years professional to provide quality natural essence, spice food raw materials manufacturers

Established in 2004, Yahe Company is a company with a good humanistic atmosphere and innovative characteristics. The plant area is more than 10,000 m2. It is a manufacturer dedicated to providing high-quality natural flavors and spice food raw materials for global food companies; in 2009 In May, it merged business resources with LOTWELL (Shunde) Perfume Company, which has unique advantages in natural ingredients from the South Island of New Zealand, which significantly improved the company's comprehensive strength and service level.


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Same sample

WYSIWYG samples are taken directly from the bulk goods to ensure that the samples are consistent with the bulk goods, and the goods are rejected

Imported raw materials

The raw materials come from the designated giant suppliers in the fragrance industry, and the fragrance is guaranteeing the quality of the fragrance from the source

Strict quality inspection

Strict raw material procurement standards, scientific formula production, multi-layer product testing to ensure flavor quality

Maturation process

Each scent type has undergone a maturation process, so that the scent product after the raw material is fully matured has a strong fragrance and a longer fragrance

Complete variety

The full range of fragrance types can meet the different needs of customers, and one-stop solution to fragrance problems covers many industries

Because of focus ·so professional
Continuously deepen and innovate in natural raw ingredients to maintain the advantages of products and services
Continuously deepen and innovate in natural raw ingredients to maintain the advantages of products and services
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