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Space and Astronomy

Create a PowerPoint researching an element of space or astronomy. Possible topics or research include:

  • A mission of the American, Russian, or another country’s space program
  • Probes and missions sent to study space and other planets (including the Hubble telescope)
  • The development of space flight (including the origins of the airplane)
  • A planet or other astronomical body or phenomena
  • Astronomy centered on constellations
  • Mythology of constellations
  • Astronomy of ancient cultures
  • Famous astronomers, ancient and modern
  • Development of the study of space
  • Development of science fiction literature, works, and authors
  • Science fiction topics that have become fact

*Be sure to narrow your topic appropriately to one mission, element, or area of study. Avoid researching subjects that may be too general, like the Space Program or the Planets--keep the topic manageable. 


The Space Program

American Space Missions
Russian Space Missions
Challenger Disaster
Columbia Disaster

*Links from Dmoz Open Directory Project

Astronomy (Wikipedia)
Astronomy for Kids
Eric Weisstein’s World of Astronomy
AstronomyNow (United Kingdom)
Science Daily - Astronomy News


History of Astronomy
Gene Smith - a Brief History of Astronomy
History of Astronomy (Wikipedia)
History of Astronomy - Sources
People in the History of Astronomy
History of Physics and Astronomy







Science: Technology: Space: NASA

NASA History Office - Current events; index of sites covering history of major aeronautic and astronautic programs, key NASA and NACA (1915-1958) officials, policy documents, statistics, timeline of air and space achievements; publications; links to other resources.

Shoot for the Moon! - Outlines the highlights of the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo Space Programs from 1961 to 1972. Includes a brief bibliography.

The Cape: Military Space Operations 1971-1992. - A history of 6555th Aerospace Test Wing's role in missile and space launches at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station from 1971 to 1992. Solidly researched with an excellent citations.

Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Virtual Tour - Descriptions and photographs of the launch complexes and vehicles.

A Field Guide to American Spacecraft - Offers guides to locations of over 200 artifacts of USA's space program including X-15's and rocket boosters.

Highlights of the First 100 American Human Space Flights - A selective chronology of historically important manned space missions from 1961 to 1995. Some flights not covered.

The History of Space Flight - Includes an index on US American space programs from Project Mercury to the Space Shuttle. Provides a concise summary of each flight and a mission patch. Also has links related to the history of rocketry, important figures in space travel, and prominent NASA centers.

John Glenn: Three Orbits to History - Presents a brief multimedia history of John Glenn's Mercury flight, the first American mission into Earth orbit. Discusses the training and technology of the Mercury Program and the events of Glenn's space flight.

NASA Historical Archive for Manned Missions - Space history and information about NASA's manned missions. Mission descriptions, photos and videos of each of USA's manned space exploration missions.

Research in NASA History: A Guide to the NASA History Program - Book providing details of the historical reference collections at NASA's Headquarters and ten Field Centers. [PDF]

Robert Hutchings Goddard - A biography of one of America's leading pioneers in rocketry. Includes his contributions to the development liquid and solid fuel rockets and their application to military and civilian purposes.

The 6555th: Missile and Space Launches Through 1970 - A detailed history of the United States Air Forces' 6555th Aerospace Test Wing at Patrick Air Force Base in Florida. Discusses the role of the 6555th in military missile tests and civilian launch operations at Cape Canaveral. Includes detailed references.

The Ultimate Space Plane - Space History - Articles related to Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab and Apollo-Soyuz space flights. Also covers past, present, and proposed future missions of the Shuttle.

United States of America Space Program - Photographs of mission patches and astronauts.

Where No Man Has Gone Before - W.D. Compton provides a solidly researched and authoritative history of the engineering and scientific accomplishments of the Apollo program from its inception to its last mission. Includes useful appendices and an extensive bibliography.

American Space Missions
Manned (131)            Unmanned (339)

Apollo@ (22)

BepiColombo@ (4)

Buran@ (10)

Cassini@ (18)

Clementine@ (10)

Cosmos-1@ (3)

Deep Impact@ (10)

Deep Space 1@ (3)

Galileo@ (14)

Gemini@ (15)

Genesis@ (3)

International Space Station@ (41)

Lunar Orbiter@ (6)

Lunar Prospector@ (6)

Magellan@ (4)

Mariner 10@ (4)
Mariner - Mars@ (9)

Mariner - Venus@ (7)

Mars Climate Orbiter@ (3)

2003 Mars Exploration Rovers@ (9)

Mars Express@ (8)

Mars Global Surveyor@ (9)

Mars Network@ (3)
2001 Mars Odyssey@ (9)

Mars Pathfinder@ (8)

Mars Polar Lander@ (6)

Mercury@ (13)

Mir Space Station@ (43)

Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous@ (10)
Nozomi@ (5)

Phobos@ (2)

Pioneer@ (10)

Pioneer Venus@ (3)

Pluto-Kuiper Express@ (6)

Satellites@ (54)

Shenzhou 5@ (7)

Skylab@ (5)

Space Shuttle@ (52)

Sputnik@ (7)

Stardust@ (5)

Ulysses@ (6)

Venera@ (14)

Viking@ (8)

Voyager@ (11)

Znamya@ (2)

Russian Research and Missions

Why the Soviets Never Beat the U.S. to the Moon - A Soviet space expert discusses how recently declassified material confirms his painstaking discoveries over decades about why the Soviet Union was unable to win the space race.

The Straight Dope: Are There Really "Lost Cosmonauts" Stranded in Space? - In April 1965, Reader's Digest told of Cosmonauts stranded in orbit. This article addresses some of the mystery behind the Soviet space program failures. (January 17, 2003)

Regional: Europe: Russia: Society and Culture: History (332) Valentina Tereshkova - Biography of the first woman in space.

Russian Space - Soviet and Russian space history and biographies.

Sergei Korolev - Information about the Soviet chief designer and pioneer in rocket design, Russian launch vehicles and other designers.


The Soviet Manned Lunar Program - The evolution of the plan to land cosmonauts on the moon, with references.

VideoCosmos - Images of Soviet space history, and a list of all cosmonauts trained in the USSR and Russia.


Virtual Space Museum - An online multimedia museum devoted to the Russian space program. Includes timelines and 3D spacecraft models in VRML.

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