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St. Patrick's Day PPT

PowerPoint Rubric
7th and 8th PowerPoint Rubric

6th, 7th, and 8th projects must include:
   Three origins of St. Patrick’s Day
   Three symbols of the holiday and their origins
   Extensive graphics and animation
   Solid research (Word document) with a Works Cited page of sources

7th and 8th must additionally include:
   Three American traditions
   Three “other” Irish topics
   8th only - PowerPoint must be digitally narrated and must run itself


Citing Sources in MLA
Required for 7th & 8th
Extra Credit for 6th


Web Sites for General Information

Basic information: Wikipedia St. Patrick’s Day   Encylopedia Britannica St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day wilstar

History of St. Patrick’s Day

March Links

Holiday Spot

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day in the Classroom

St. Patrick

St. Patrick’s Day page

St. Patrick’s Day Symbols

St. Patrick’s Day

the Shamrock

St. Patrick’s Day

Irish Symbols and the Irish Flag

Annie’s St. Patrick’s Day Symbols Page

St. Brigit and St. Patrick, and Their Legends

St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day
(By Curtis)

Steps for Success

  1. Create a PowerPoint outline of all you need. As you do research, you can fill in the origins and symbols as you go.
  2. Copy all research information into a Word document

Tips for working with sound files in PowerPoint:

  • Copy sound file into St. Patrick’s Day folder (not PPT file)
  • Insert (not Open) sound int PPT from your folder (not Miss O’s)
  • Link animation “with previous” to sound file in custom animation
  • Set sound to play for x-number of slides
    *Page - Adding sound to PowerPoint

Project Topic Suggestions

“Other” Categories Associated with Ireland
(Only applies to 7th and 8th grade projects)


St. Patrick
   His life (could be all 3 origins)
When the holiday began
When it was first celebrated in the U.S.
The Celts and the Druids

Irish Authors
Beckett | Bowen | Edgeworth | Heaney | Joyce | Mangan | Maturin | O'Brien | Stoker | Swift | Wilde | Yeats

Irish Poetry
Irish Poetry
Irish Ghost Stories


Irish Mythology
Irish Mythology
Celtic Origin of Arthurian Literature

Irish History

Irish History on the Web
Irish Timeline of History
   the Celts
   Irish Potato Famine
   Irish Immigration
   Irish Castles

The Shamrock
The Color Green
The Harp
The Celtic Cross
The Blarney Stone
The Rainbow

Fairies (Faeries)
Pot of gold

American Traditions
(7th and 8th grade only)

celebrating the holiday
in schools

Ireland’s Geography

Irish Music
Songs - Folk Songs - Rock Bands

The Chieftains


Irish Foods


Actors and Actresses

Maureen O’Hara
Pierce Brosnan
John Ford (Director)

Just for Fun (Not part of the project)

Scavenger Hunts

How to Make Internet Scavenger Hunts

St. Patrick’s Day trivia hunt

St. Patrick’s Day Internet Scavenger Hunt


Irish associated athletic teams

Notre Dame Fighting Irish
Boston Celtics

Classic Films

Internet Movie Database

The Quiet Man
Going My Way
Michael Collins
Far and Away
The Fighting Sullivans
The Fighting 69th
Darby O’Gill and the Little People

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